Sunday, February 6, 2011

Team Chelsey 2011

Hello Dear Family and Friends,

Happy 2011 to each of you! I trust that you all have had an enjoyable holiday season and are settling into this new year of 2011. Once again, in my own "settling" into this new year, I have been reminiscing about this previous year's celebrations, holidays, birthdays, losses, successes, accomplishments, etc....more specifically "Team Chelsey 2010."

So, here in 2011 a new "story" begins and one that will include the new chapter of "Team Chelsey 2011." That being is time to put out the word and call for "Team Chelsey" for the 2011 Little Rock Marathon this year. Once again, I am humbled by so many of your (already) expressed interest. The Little Rock Marathon is approximately now 4 weeks away (March 5-6), and we are looking forward to your participation in what many of you who have previously participated would say is a fun event.

Whether you have already been training for the full or half marathon, a relay team, or are planning to run/walk the 5K (on Saturday again this year), or maybe prefer just being a virtual runner, there is a place for each of you, and we would LOVE for you to join in the fun of Team Chelsey. In sharing the gift of Chelsey’s spirit and the warmth of her memory, Team Chelsey and your friendship adds to "our story" each year--what a blessing we, her family, have in each of you.

There has been some interest expressed to me from a few of you about relay teams. So, in efforts to possibly coordinate such for those who want to run a relay but don't know who to put together on a team, let me know (ASAP) as we might be able to piece together 1 or 2 teams. Remember, the relay portion of the race for each member is anywhere between 5 and 7.8 mile run. Not so bad....right?

T-shirt and "post race" celebration have been some of the fun parts of this event (well, for me anyway...); however, we are looking to change things up a bit this year. Of course, there will still be a t-shirt but with a new color scheme and design. (Hopefully, I will be able to share this by the end of the month or early next month). We all know and remember that Chelsey was often the "life of the party," and she didn't do anything without making a good time of it. So a "celebration" of sorts is a must, but rather than a "post race" celebration, we will plan for a "pre-race pasta party." More details on this to follow as the date nears.

If you are interested in being a part of Team Chelsey, please let me (us) know. We certainly look forward to hearing from you. Again, we send our most sincere and humble thanks to each of you.

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Kristi said...

Luv u guys! It was awesome! And i cannot think of a better reason than Chelsey.